Brahma Kumaris Websites & Apps - A Divine Collection

This is no.1 platform to search list of websites for all information, history, resources, online services, Blogs, Forums, Daily Murli and Raja Yoga course + Mobile apps for android. Everything about Prajapita Brahma Kumaris will be discovered with given websites (official, regional, national and international).

A. Most useful websites


D. BK official websites (made by HQ centres)

E. Regional based websites (international & national)

We are flowers of God's (father's) garden. We are all loved and sustained by him.

F. All BK Wings websites

G. Forum and Blogs

  1. BK Assistant -All in One App (Daily Murli, Resources, centre locator and Trafic control)

  2. BK divine songs -All in One app (Songs and resources playlists, videos, images, etc)

  3. BK Murli & more -App serves daily murli in many languages with Dharna, Purusharth, classes, chart, etc.

  4. BK Google - Search the divine collection (data) of brahma kumaris (A personal search engine)

  5. Baba Portal (Daily Murli in 25 languages, Sakar Murli audio, Avyakt murlis, etc)

  6. Daily Murli Chart App - Self checkings for Self-transformation

  7. BK's Best Friend - Murli, Avyakt points, Rajyoga course in Hindi and English

  8. BK traffic control App (Self checking for whole day, your guide for self transformation)

  9. Power of Sakash App (audio and videos and in Hindi and English

  10. Apps on Apple App Store - For iPhones


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