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Brahma Kumaris Social Media Platforms Links

Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University on Social media platforms - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google groups and Email addresses.

YouTube channels

Google Groups (BKs)

On Instagram (accounts)

Facebook pages & groups

Group 1 - Brahma Kumaris New world


Group 2 - Brahman Family

Group 3 - Brahman family 3



Message on this numbers to join our WhatsApp group:


(+91) 882 798 6696 (Power of Sakash Group)

(+91) 941 415 0740 (Madhuban)

(+91) 9891 994 216  (BK Mamta)

On Twitter (accounts)

Email Addresses

*Main Email for Q and A

*BK Karuna (head of Media wing)

* Yogi Youth Team

*BK Shivani (BK Shivani)​

*Brahma Kumaris India (Asia)

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